Garton International is the industrial fastener manufacturing and trading export division of the Garton Group located in Greater Manchester, UK.

Group companies include Smith Bullough, Thomas Smith Fasteners & Boka Bolt Supplies. Smith Bullough has been involved in the UK bolt and fastener industry for more than 100 years.

Garton International was formed in 1991 when Garton took over the GKN International trading company. GKN International was started in 1979 when GKN (Guest, Keen & Nettlefold), the market leader in the fastener trade, stopped manufacturing bolts and nuts in Darlaston & Smethwick, Birmingham, England.

The Garton International business was run by former GKN Bolt & Nut personnel to supply the global markets from the UK. Barry Blower, now retired,and a former head of both GKN International and Garton International, trained Gary Stevens, our current manager.

The business continues today with top quality fasteners being delivered to both former GKN customers and new customers who are located all over the world.

Gary Stevens
Head of Export

Gary Stevens joined Thomas Smith & Sons back in 1993 working in the Despatch office before joining Garton International in 1997.

Gary has supplied goods worldwide from supplying steel to the Tostem Railway in Hong Kong to selling U Bolts for the Channel Tunnel linking England and France.