Imperial - BSW, BSF, BA, UNC, UNF

Metric Non-Standards

Special Fasteners


A large range of industrial fasteners and related products are available for you. Our wide selection covers materials and grades that are manufactured to meet your needs.

Below is just a small example of our capabilities - please contact us for further details.

Hexagon Bolts Nuts
Washers Studbolts
Allthread / Studding Reduced Shank Studs
Socket Screws Square Head Bolts
Cup Square Hexagon Cup Round Hexagon
Csk Square Bolts / Ploughbolts Square Square Hex/Holding Down Bolts
Cup Nib Bolts Csk Nib Bolts
Indented Foundation Bolts Hex Head Blanks
Ajax Bolts T Bolts
U Bolts Engineer Studs


Diameter: M2 to M76 (1/16" to 3") - Length < 900mm (36").

Special Head Shapes to specification.